Product Reviews

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Storesmiths Product Reviews adds customer reviews on your product pages and automates the process of sending Review Request emails to your customers after an order has been fulfilled.

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Storesmiths Product Reviews features:

Automated Review Request emails

We automate and simplify the processing of gathering customer reviews by sending Review Request emails automatically after every order fulfillment.

  • Powerful user-defined rules - you decide if and when to send Request emails based on rules that you define. You can create rules based on a number of Order parameters. Here are just a few examples of rules that you can set up:

    • Only send review request emails if order value is greater than a certain price

    • If customer is in Canada, send request email 10 days after order fulfillment

    • Send request email if product SKU contains "TSHIRT"

    • Send request email if customer has ordered before (return customer)

    • Send request email if customer has spent over $200 in the past

    • many more possibilities!

  • Create multiple "Rulesets" - you can create complex logic of rules by grouping rules into rulesets. Each Ruleset is evaluated in order, and the first one that matches is used to determine when to send the Request email. If none match, no Request email is sent.

  • In-email Submission form - customers can submit their review directly from the email, no need to visit a website to submit a review.

  • Verified Buyer badge - Reviews submitted form Request emails are marked with a "verified buyer" badge. This increases the authenticity and trust value of the review.

  • Send manual Request emails on ANY order - easily send a Request email manually by selecting the option directly from the Shopify Admin order screen.

Full Control on Styling/Translation

You have complete style control over the Reviews widget. Use the familiar Shopify Theme editor to modify the custom CSS file to change the style of the Review widget and badge.

Every text field/label is customizable, so you can change it to suit your style or shop language.

Reply to Reviews

You can publicly comment on reviews to stay engaged with your customers, or respond to questions or comments. You can also email your comment directly to the reviewer to answer questions, clarify a comment or just thank them for their review.

Simple Installation

Installation is simple: One line snippet added to your product.liquid template is all that is needed to get started!

Easy Import from Shopify, Yotpo and others

You can easily import your existing reviews from Shopify Reviews, Yotpo and others (via CSV file) directly into our app.

You can easily export your reviews into a CSV file as well.

Fully Embedded into the Shopify Admin

Storesmiths Product Reviews is seamlessly embedded into the Shopify Admin, giving you a beautiful Shopify experience.